Watson Rapid Battery Charger For CR123a and CR2

Watson CR123a CR2 battery Charger

Watson Rapid Battery Charger for CR123A and CR2 Lithium Batteries

Compact lithium batteries such as the CR123a and the CR2 contain a great deal of power, and take up less room electronics, allowing the devices to be smaller, and less bulky.  However, they can be expensive and sometimes difficult to locate when traveling.
At least one other manufacturer make rechargeable CR123A and CR2 lithium batteries and chargers.  Recently I purchased a Watson Rapid Charger and some batteries to power and old Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 35-70, an SB-50 and 30, and some wireless shutter releases I have.  I was particularly interested in resurrecting the flashes because they are good, but I never used them much because they were expensive to use.
Published Charging times:

  • CR123A approximately 2.4 hours
  • CR2 battery approximately 1.6 hours

The Watson Rapid Charger comes in two models, one prepackaged with two CR2 batteries, and the other with two CR123a batteries.  As you would expect from a simple device it is easy to use.  You just pop up to two batteries in and plug in the charger.   If the battery is not fully charged a red LED light appears above the battery, when it is fully charged the light turns blue.
The best feature about this Watson charger is that it comes with plugs for the home and the car.  The car charger is not some separate accessory to by.  With the charger for the car it will be easy to keep batteries on trips and while camping.

Watson Rapid Battery Charger Power Supplies.

Watson Rapid Battery Charger Power Supplies.

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