Sony Camera LCD Screen Problem

Sony makes some cameras that can capture incredible images if the photographer does their part.   I have had three Sony cameras the a580, a65v slt, a77, and the DSC-HX20V point-and-shoot, all of which have taken great photos.  However, the Sony a65, a77, and the DSC-HX20V have a design flaw in their LCD screens.  There is a layer of plastic that protects the LCD from damage and reduces glare, and unfortunately, this layer comes unglued, forming bubbles and even peeling off at the edges.   This problem occurs not only in those two models but also in the Sony NEX 5, RX100, and others.

Sony DSC-HX20V LCD screen problem
Sony DSC-HX20V LCD screen forming bubbles, and peeling between layers. Unfortunately this seems to be a common problem in many Sony cameras.

There doesn’t seem to be any user issue causing the separation, although I can imagine it is made worse if the camera is left in a hot car, or in the sun.  I think it might be an issue related to high temperatures, like those encountered in a car on a hot day. Nevertheless, this problem shouldn’t occur.  I have read on the internet that Sony won’t fix the cameras for free beyond the factory warranty.  This is hardly surprising for any company, but I would hope that they would have wanted to stay by their product.  If this issue would have happened with an automobile, it probably would have resulted in a recall.

Sony a65 slt screen problem
The same LCD fault is occurring on my Sony a65 slt screen

New screens for some of these camera models can be found on eBay, and from what I understand it is not too difficult to replace.  Some are even peeling off the layer and putting on a cell phone screen protector.  Currently, the problem with my two cameras is mostly cosmetic, but I don’t think it will be too long before I will have to repair the LCD screen.  Update: I did repair the screen, but it looks, well like an armature did it.

I have been pleased with the quality of the images my Sony cameras have made, but a number of issues and long-term use of several Sony cameras is causing me to sour on this camera manufacturer.  I doubt I will be purchasing any more Sony cameras.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the money and do not want to take out a loan, to jump ship and switch platforms at the moment, but if I did, I would.

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