Mallard in a Crowd

While stopping at a boat landing a group of young mallard ducks approached me rapidly.  These birds were used to being fed by humans, so they showed a little wariness.  I had no food, but the ducks stayed interested in me long enough for me to take a few photographs.  I like the relatively narrow depth of field that highlight the individual and yet shows it is among many others of its kind.

This was back in the day when I had an inexpensive Tamron 75-300 mm lens fitted to a Nikon N50.  Despite their inexpensiveness many zoom lenses such as this produce very good to excellent results.  Obviously, a $6,000 300mm f2.8 will produce better results and will be easier to focus, but the vast majority of us don’t have that kind of money.  The Tamron was sharp enough for me, but when my girlfriend (now wife) bumped my tripod, and over went the camera and lens, the lens did not survive.  The plastic innards had broken and it was a total loss.  Eventually, I replaced the Tamron with a Nikon 75-300 which was also sharp enough for me.  The tripod I still have, but the Nikon I outgrew long ago.

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