Lakeshore Wetland in Early Fall

Often overlooked for fall colors, the purples, oranges, reds and browns of wetland grasses, sedges, and flowers of the sedge meadows also make an interesting subject for the camera lens.  I took this photo of lake shore wetland in September a few weeks before the leaves of the north woods began to change colors.

Early in the morning at sedge meadow wetland next to a northwoods lake.

This particular wetland is partially the result of years of drought and the encroachment of wetland out over what was lake bed.  Since the photo was taken the lake has begun to rise, providing an important refuge for young bluegills, yellow perch, and pumpkinseeds.  With climate change threatening the northern areas especially it is unknown whether this will be the new normal.   Not noticeable in this photo is the encroachment of the forest on the wetland.
Photo taken with a Nikon Coolpix P6000

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