Frosty Needles of Scotch Pine

On a relatively warm winter morning I headed out with my Toyo 45aii field camera in search of some good photographs.  The warm air above the cold snow created a fog, which then froze to just about everything, giving it a light and beautiful coating of frost.  The needles of this Scots Pine contrasted nicely with the frost on black and white Ilford Panf 50.  I used a Toyo 6×9 roll film back.  Proper exposure was taken with a Sekonic L580.

Click: Scots Pine to purchase a print of this photo.

The Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)  goes by several common names, Scott’s Pine, Scotch Pine it is a native of northern Eurasia, including Scotland from which its common English name is derived.  In North America, it has been planted for lumber, pulp, and ornamental purposes, although as it matures it becomes less pleasing to the eye.

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