Large Format Fireworks

Fireworks can be tricky things to photograph.  With today’s digital cameras, and a lengthy display, one can afford to take hundreds of photos.  I have taken dozens with a 35mm, but this photo was taken with a 4×5 inch Toyo Field 45a II.  That is an awesome camera by the way and  recommend it to anyone interested in trying out large format. At today’s prices it would run about $8 for film and E-6 processing and more if I didn’t already own a scanner.  Gone are the days when I bring out my large format camera for tricky exposures my digital camera could do better at.  Still I took this one and several other failed images this night in 2001.  It was nice to give it a try.

Fuji Velvia 50 RVP 5×5, Nikkor lens, Toyo 45aii
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