Lightweight in the City

Cars streak by the corner of Main and Church one night in Oshkosh, WI

For this photo of Oshkosh I used my old trusty point and shoot, a Nikon P6000, leaving my larger DSLRs behind.   Why use a small camera in this situation?  Fist off the little Nikon takes great photos despite it’s age and the many, many newer models that have come since.  However the most important reason is staying small.  The camera is of course small.  It can fit in a large pocket with easy, or a small camera pouch around the neck.  The light weight allowed it to be used on my old, not so good K-mart tripod I bought back in high school.  This lightweight set allowed me to quickly set up the camera and easily move the tripod around without drawing too much attention to myself.

One of my newer cameras could have gotten a sharper photo, perhaps better contrast etc., but only marginally better.  The larger camera and tripod might have gotten the attention of some mildly intoxicated passersby, and slowed my photography down.  In this case it was better to work quickly an quietly.

Driving down Main Street at Night
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