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Toyo 120 Roll Film Back for 4×5 Large Format Cameras

The Utility of 120 Roll Film Holders for Large Format Few products in photography look as amazing as large format transparency, whether it be 4×5 inches or even larger.  Even large color or black and white negatives bring a sense … Continue reading

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Frosty Needles of Scotch Pine

On a relatively warm winter morning I headed out with my Toyo 45aii field camera in search of some good photographs.  The warm air above the cold snow created a fog, which then froze to just about everything, giving it … Continue reading

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Close-up and Hand-held with a Linhof Technica V

You are not supposed to be able to do this.  Many will tell you that hand holding with a 4×5 does not result in good photos; the depth of field is too shallow, camera shake too great and the cameras … Continue reading

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