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Sony Camera LCD Screen Problem

Some Sony cameras, such as the a65, a77 have a problem with the lcd screen protector detaching from the rest of the screen. It leaves what looks like nasty scratches, and bubbles that can make the screen difficult to see. Continue reading

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Nikon SB-50DX and Nikon SB 30 Speedlights

A few  interesting flashes were introduced at the end of the film era, and the tip of the dslr revolution, the SB 50DX and SB 30.  While these flash units are no longer fully compatible with recent dslr’s by Nikon … Continue reading

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Sony Alpha 580 Vertical Grip – Cheap

The Sony a580 is a great dslr camera, but like most cameras it can be made easier to hold with a vertical grip.  A vertical grip usually does at least three things.  It makes the camera easier to hold for … Continue reading

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Watson Rapid Battery Charger For CR123a and CR2

Compact lithium batteries such as the CR123a and the CR2 contain a great deal of power, and take up less room electronics, allowing the devices to be smaller, and less bulky.  However, they can be expensive and sometimes difficult to … Continue reading

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Nikon Lite Touch Zoom

It is an old, and at the time of introduction it was a relatively inexpensive, no frills point and shoot film camera, so why bother reviewing it when the digital photography revolution has long been since one and digital is … Continue reading

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Lake Time Lapse Video

  This time lapse video was taken with a GoPro Hero 3+ camera in its water proof housing for easy mounting on a MeFoto tripod.  .  The video begins at 9:16 am and runs to 11:05 am.  This video then, … Continue reading

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The ins and outs of the Cable Release

The cable release or shutter release was once a required piece of every serious photographer’s gear.  It is was and is the most important accessory to the tripod to ensure razor-sharp images.   Today cable releases have been largely replaced by … Continue reading

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Porcupine Mountains Road Blur

While my wife was driving through Porcupine Mountains State Park in Michigan, I stuck my  camera out the window to take some blurred photos of the forest.  It was a dark day with rain off and on and a good … Continue reading

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Today is lens cap appreciation day

That’s right in case you haven’t heard today is in fact lens cap appreciation day.  This is the day we take out our lens caps, admire them and thank them for their service to our lenses.  In photography it is … Continue reading

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