Wild Apple Tree

A “wild “Apple tree produces abundant fruit in an old pasture.

Sometimes a tasty treat presents itself for a photograph.  These apples are not one of those subjects.  The apples are not for munching they are for pies as are most wild apples.  This tree grew in an old pasture not an orchard.  Several other apple trees grew there also but widely spaced with little order.  It is possible, and not unlikely they were planted there on purpose, but I doubt they were purchased stock.  Most likely they grew from the discarded fruit that was part of snack or lunch of a farmer working the pasture 60 or more years before this photo was taken.  Perhaps an apple was deliberately dug into the ground and its future left to chance.  Where ever the tree came from it was a beautiful specimen, and produced lovely apples, even if they were only good for baking.

Shot on Fuji Velvia RVP with a Nikon N6006 and 28-200mm Nikon lens.

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